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1953 - 1954 - 1955 - 1960 - 1971 - 1976

1979 - 1980 - 1987 - 1993 - 2001 - 2002 - 2011

Dencorub® is the perfect example of the values of tradition and innovation that Laboratorios Ponce C.A. has always upheld. What started with the import of an established american brand, has expanded to now, independently produce five different dencorub products: Dencorub Cream, Dencorub Gel, Dencorub Ice, Dencorub Air and the most recently launched, Dencorub Ice Arnica.



Ponce & Benzo Sucr., C.A. obtains the representation of the Dencorub brand, owned by the American company The Denver Chemical Mfg. Co. Inc., and initiates the process of resgistering the product in the Directorate of Public Health of the Ministry of Health and Social Assistance (MSAS).


The MSAS authorizes the commercialization, with prescription, of the pharmaceutical specialty Dencorub which is developed by the American company; the product is registered under No. EF 4,931, remaining the same number to this day. At the time, the product was called "Dencorub, Analgesic Anoitment".


The visionary Mr. Ponce Alvins, obtained the exclusive distribution agreement for the brand through a strategic partnership. By 1960 the product was selling nationwide in Venezuela.

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 After the fall of The Denver Chemical Co., Ponce & Benzo begins the negotiation process to acquire the ownership of the brand in Venezuela; negotiations which culminated in 1979 with the signing of the sale document with the firm Carter-Wallace , Inc., who was the owner of the brand in that moment.


Dencorub is granted the authorization to be sold "without a prescription".

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Ponce & Benzo changes Dencorub's positioning in the market: from an ointment traditionally used by older adults for rheumatism, neuritis, sciatica, bursitis and lumbago pain relief, as well other pains associated with aging, to a product aimed for atletes and young adults to be used before and after exercise. Also, the original Dencorub changes its denomination to "cream", a term which better reflects its formulation.

Dencorub begins sponsoring sporting events, something which it continues to do to this day. An aggressive advertising campaign for the product began in the late 1980's, and lasted for more than 10 years, using the slogan "Before and After Action". All this led the brand to position itself as a leader in its category.

Throughout this time new versions of the product and in 1987 launches Dencorub Gel, followed by Dencorub Air (aerosol) in 1993.

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In the Dencorub ICE line is registered, and in 2002 the brand begins to commercialize Dencorub ICE GEL. The ICE version was specifically recorded as a cosmetic product, allowing its commercialization not only in the pharmacy channel, but also in perfumeries and auto-service channels.

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Within the Dencorub Ice line, the new product Dencorub ICE ARNICA is launched. This new presentation of Dencorub offers the novelty of a convenient roll-on applicator bottle, which like the traditional lines of the brand, contains the same combination of Methyl Salicylate, Menthol and Camphor, but enhanced with a blend of natural extracts (arnica, capsicum, marigold, witch hazel, chamomile, rosemary and cat nail) that improve its analgesic effect by increasing the pharmacological activity from this combination of ingredients.

Dencorub® continues to heavily promote itself in sporting events, and has established a privileged presence in its respective point of sale. Dencorub® as a brand is perceived as Top of Mind in its class, being recognized as a product for athletes.

Dencorub's communicational message has mainly focused and captivated the segment of athletes that frequently require the use of a topical product. Dencorub sells the concept of sports injury and post-exercise pain prevention.

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