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“I use Dencorub Ice Arnica, in the lower limbs as it relieves any muscle pains caused by fatigue of daily activity."

~ Anonymous

Dencorub Response: Dencorub Ice Arnica, relieves muscular pains thanks to its analgesic effect produced by its active ingredients: salicylate, menthol and camphor.

"I use Dencorub Ice as soon as I feel a migraine kicking in. I apply a little on each side of my forehead, which gives me a cold feeling and helps relieve my pain."

~ Anonymous

Dencorub Response: Dencorub Ice provides a quick-acting analgesic effect, thanks to the presence of natural extracts that have been added to the rest if the active ingredients in its formula.


Dencorub invites you to write your opinion!

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