What difference does it make to use one Dencorub presentation from another?

Chemically speaking, Dencorub Cream, Gel and Aerosol all share the same pharmaceutical effects. For this reason, it is a question of choosing the presentation of your preference.  

  • Cream and Gel: due to their lubricious character, they are ideal to apply with a gentle massage, which also enhances the absorption of the active ingredients in their formulas. 
  • Aerosol: this product is fast drying, does not generate a sticky feeling,  and is also practical to use.
  • Roll On: this presentation allows for better product distribution on the surface of the skin. Also, in addition to methyl salicylate, menthol and camphor,  it contains a mixture of natural extracts (arnica, capsicum, calendula, Anthyllis, chamomile, rosemary, cat's claw) that increase the analgesic effects because of the elevated  pharmacological activity that is produced by this combination. 
Is it normal for my skin to redden after applying Dencorub Aerosol?

Yes, it is normal. The reason being that the combination of its active ingredients can create a  rubefacient effect, which normally disappears minutes after application. If the redness or irritation continues, please consult your docter or physician. 

What happens to my muscles when I apply Dencorub? What produces the different temperature effects?

The combination of Dencorub's active ingredients are external analgesics, which stimulate the sensory receptors of heat and or cold, which in turn, produces a counterirritant response by providing temporary relief of localized pain in muscles and joints.

What ingredient in Dencorub Ice produces that cold feeling effect?

The cooling or cold sensation in Dencorub Ice is produced by the Menthol in its formula, given that it stimulates the cold-sensitive thermoreceptors that provoke the sensations of cooling, cold and freshness.

If I'm currently breastfeeding, can I still apply Dencorub Ice before going out to jog?

We highly recommend that you consult with your doctor or physician before using any of the Dencorub® products while you are breastfeeding.

Why is Dencorub recommended?

Dencorub® offers a line of topical analgesics that condition the muscles before, during and after physical exercise. This is why they are so pupular, especially within the fitness communitity. 

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