Research & Development


Our Research and Development department has a multidisciplinary team of professionals whose training and experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical field, is the cornerstone for the design of safe, effective and quality products.

Our developments go through our a system of quality assurance, applied from product design, the search for raw material suppliers, stability studies, technology transfer, etc., and culminating with quality control that ensures compliance of the specifications established for each product before its release.

All our products undergo these clearly defined stages of development:

Pre-formultation and Formulation

In this initial stage, our team undergoes a throrough bibliographic revision of all the potential active ingredients and exicpients. The goal is to identify the physicochemical properties, therapeutic effects, dosage and toxicity, interactions and incompatibilities and maximum usage amounts allowed of the potential ingredients. The formulation is the consolidation of the revision stage, which allows us to obtain the desired pharmaceutical formula, that will after be bumitted to stability and compatibility studies between the components and packaging.


The marketing team evaluates the products acceptability by the public. This process includes consulting consumers, mostly athletes, and evaluates certain characteristics of interest to the Research & Development and the Marketing teams.

Health-Sanitary Registration

The R&D team introduces all the required information to the State Health Department, so this authority can evaluate and grant the approval of the product in question. The health authorities assign a health registration number to the product, that concedes the permission to manufacture and commercialize the product.

Technological Transference

This is the stage where  any necessary adjustments in the elaboration process of the cream, gel or aerosol are made, defining the critical points of the process of elaboration, in order to establish the final manufacturing protocol.


It is the final stage: when the new product is introduced to the market. The advantages and benefits of the product for athletes is described and made available to all users. 

The dencorub brand continues to grow in the Venezuelan market, especially within the sports and fitness audience. We have consolidated our users needs by producing quality products, that focus on the wellbeing of our consumers by relieving discomforts caused by physical exercise.